How healthy is your code?

Tech Assessments by Carbon Five.

We leverage our collective product building experience and process expertise to identify risks and priorities for the growth of your product.

Carbon Five has been doing code and process assessments by request for quite some time. But, it’s been somewhat of a secret menu item.

We call this service a technical assessment, and essentially, it’s a thorough evaluation of your codebase and development process. The objective is to help you understand what you’re working with and how to enact the best processes, formal and scrappy, to get what you need delivered.

Our clients have found great value in an outside perspective on where they stand and what to do next. So, we have decided to open up our technical assessment offering to the larger community.

We’ll assess your code (and more).*


  • Software architecture
  • Software patterns
  • Modularity, length & complexity
  • Automated tests quality & coverage
  • 3rd party library use
  • Local development
  • Overall code health
  • Refactoring recommendations
  • Developer onboarding

Security & Ops

  • Hosting & services
  • Application monitoring
  • Exception tracking
  • Log management
  • Continuous deployment
  • Zero-downtime deployment
  • Load testing
  • CDN usage
  • Multi-region strategy


  • Requirements gathering
  • Story format & quality
  • Velocity friction points
  • Deployment time
  • Code review process
  • Continuous integration
  • Team communication
  • Defect handling
  • Version control

*Every technical assessment includes: staff interviews, a complete build & code review, a graded checklist, and a set of written recommendations for improving your software product & process.

Think you might benefit from an honest assessment of your code and process, or just want to share horror stories?