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Technical Lead San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chattanooga, New York & Seattle

Carbon Five Technical Leads have 5 or more years of professional experience and love to guide projects to successful outcomes. You have to be excited about mentoring and supporting everyone on the team. You know how to carve big problems into small pieces that can actually get done and you know which problems to avoid because the value proposition just doesn't add up. You also...

Projects typically use one of Ruby or Elixir (sometimes JavaScript or Java) on the back-end. On the front-end we're building sophisticated clients with HTML5/JavaScript (mostly React) and Native Mobile (iOS and Android). That's where we are today, but there's no telling how that might evolve over the next few years. We’re always trying new things to see what works for us and our clients.

If you feel like you're close to being a technical lead but not quite there, we can give you the support and mentoring. In fact, almost all of our leads are grown from within.

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