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Through health insurers, AbleTo specializes in providing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) by phone to patients who experience serious health conditions. After AbleTo acquired Joyable, an app-based wellness program, it partnered with Carbon Five to develop a product to expand its teletherapy service to the broader public.

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AbleTo traditionally specialized in providing teletherapy over the phone to people with chronic medical conditions. In 2019, it acquired Joyable, an app that provides CBT and motivational coaching for individuals who are experiencing mild anxiety or depression. 

After AbleTo discovered a gap in the market, Carbon Five was tasked with creating a third program to help patients who experience mild to moderate anxiety and provide teletherapy.


Carbon Five worked with AbleTo’s clinical experts and conducted user research to design and develop its first mobile offering. The team built a digital program to help people experiencing depression on the Joyable app and performed user tests. Carbon Five used this initial user research to launch a new product offering, the Therapy+ app, which included digital tools to improve the participant and therapist experience. However, after the COVID-19 outbreak, AbleTo’s priorities changed and this product was ultimately put on hold.

In April 2020, the Carbon Five team shifted its focus to a different project to help improve engagement and adherence of the eight-week Joyable program. The team added CTAs at the end of activities to directly launch users into the next task, consolidated some activity screens to improve flow and activity completion, and laid the groundwork for scaling notifications for user engagement through an integration with Braze.


New features added by the team include the ability for therapists to send messages to patients directly, easy-to-navigate activities for patients to engage with in-between sessions, and a simple way for patients to log and track their moods throughout the week. 

26 million people now have access to care through AbleTo, and its network includes more than 1,800 providers. In 2021, the company launched the AbleTo app, which allows users to access resources, manage their accounts, view upcoming sessions, practice CBT-based techniques between sessions, and more.

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