Babylon Health

All-in-one healthcare on your phone - Android, iOS, Web

Babylon Health combines AI and technology to provide accessible and affordable healthcare. Babylon Health’s app gives users 24/7 access to care when they are feeling sick, and gives them the tools and advice to stay well when they’re feeling healthy.

Development Product Management
Tech Stack
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • React


Babylon Health is headquartered in the UK and was looking to enter the U.S. market. The company partnered with Carbon Five as it grew its U.S. team from the ground up to develop Android, iOS, and web experiences for patients, medical providers, and administrators.


Using industry expertise and cutting-edge AI, the team built health evaluation features to identify possible diagnoses and connect patients with appropriate resources. Carbon Five expanded upon a robust microservices architecture, integrated with a third party EHR, implemented HIPAA compliance requirements, and provided DevOps support for U.S. infrastructure on AWS to ensure secure and reliable communications.

“I am impressed by Carbon Five's ability to deliver quickly in choppy waters with personnel changes and the influx of various technical requirements. ”

Ali Parsa
Co-CEO , Babylon Health USA


After working with Carbon Five, Babylon Health partnered with payers and providers in the U.S. to deliver 24/7 primary care and support to millions of Americans. Most health systems today focus on short-term sick care, instead of long-term preventative care, which makes healthcare more expensive and less accessible. Babylon Health and other telemedicine providers are working to fix this problem.

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