Optimizing Global Logistics - Agile Team Growth

ClearMetal came to Carbon Five for help in two major areas. First, they wanted process coaching to improve their software development practices. Second, they were looking for a boost in code quality and velocity.

Design Development Product Management
Tech Stack
  • Python
  • React


Carbon Five worked with the ClearMetal team to pay down technical debt, enhance customer success tooling, and improve DevOps infrastructure. We also worked the team on adopting agile growth practices and improved communication, meetings, and process overall.


ClearMetal increased deployment velocity from once every 2 weeks, with each deploy requiring hours of manual QA, to multiple times a day, with an automated test suite that runs in minutes. With our help, they built out CI/CD infrastructure on CircleCI and AWS, started using Cypress to write thoughtful integration tests for every feature, and shifted the team culture to one of continuous collaboration and rapid iteration.

ClearMetal continues to see the results of our collaboration, resulting in a more efficient delivery of value to their customers, and happier teams.

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