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Fandango partnered with Carbon Five on two projects: one to accelerate product development for its iOS and Android MovieClips products, and another to syndicate its Rotten Tomatoes TV data for distribution to its partners, including Peacock and NBC.

Design Development
Tech Stack
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Java
  • React Native


Fandango wanted to accelerate product development for its iOS and Android MovieClips products to meet a tight deadline. With limited internal resources, Fandango decided to bring in Carbon Five to ensure on-time delivery to coincide with Comic Con. The company also wanted expert client-side developers to implement an engaging, animation-rich interface.

At the same time, Carbon Five and Fandango worked together on a different project to make the Rotten Tomatoes data that Fandango had for television available via syndication to its partners, including parent company NBC Universal.


For the MovieClips project, Carbon Five provided two pairs of developers to work alongside Fandango developers, along with one designer and product manager to interface with its design and product team. These teams worked against a unified backlog of stories, met daily with the Fandango team, and collaboratively defined, developed, and shipped the products. 

The Rotten Tomatoes feed syndication team serialized Fandango television data into XML feeds for series, seasons, and episodes by creating a transformation pipeline that ingested data from multiple Fandango services and consolidated it into several feed files. The feed files were then uploaded to be made available to other services at the company responsible for distribution to consumers.


Both the MovieClips iOS and Android applications were submitted and accepted by the app stores in time for the Comic Con release. A couple of years after the app’s release, Fandango decided to remove it from the App Store and Google Play due to slowing revenue growth.

Fandango TV scores are now able to be consumed by external partners, and Carbon Five designed its TV feeds and refactored its movie feeds to be extendable.

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