IKEA and TaskRabbit

Seamlessly connecting the IKEA & TaskRabbit systems - Web development

When TaskRabbit and IKEA joined forces, they reached out to Carbon Five to help connect customers with “taskers” to quickly and conveniently assemble furniture purchases.

Tech Stack
  • Node
  • Ruby

The Challenge

Carbon Five worked with TaskRabbit to develop a new system that would help integrate TaskRabbit’s platform with IKEA’s processing system. The new platform would serve as the main in-store IKEA tool for integrated administrative communications between the two networks. Features include appointment and delivery coordination, costing, purchasing and job tracking. In addition, TaskRabbit also worked with Carbon Five to review and refactor its international payments and fraud detection system.

The Process

Carbon Five worked closely with TaskRabbit and IKEA’s evolving engineering and leadership team to understand and identify both internal and external end-user needs. Platform improvements completed include the creation and A/B testing of IKEA branded landing pages on the TaskRabbit site, refreshing “checkout” flow for IKEA products on internal and external platforms, updating administrative pages and functionality for in-store retail and updating the existing TaskRabbit mobile app.

To improve payment processes, the team worked to upgrade Stripe integrations, implement Adyen payment gateway, migrate off Braintree, upgrade background checks and fraud detection, upgrade to Rails 5 and Elastic Search, and migrated to Sidekiq from Resque.

The Results

The collaboration with Carbon Five helped dramatically improve the TaskRabbit-IKEA experience for both consumers and in-store employees. Their work also helped to increase the amount of TaskRabbit jobs requested through the IKEA website that were seen through to completion and invoiced.

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