Sesh Therapy

Mental healthcare made accessible - Mobile app

The Sesh app is a mobile mental healthcare tool that connects users with peers and licensed therapists for video-enabled group support sessions.

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Tech Stack
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Sesh Therapy created a community for people of various identities, by offering in-person group therapy facilitated by diverse, culturally competent therapists. Forced to shift to a digital model due to Covid, they decided to invest in their users’ experience and build a mobile app. The team approached Carbon Five with the task of building a HIPAA compliant, user friendly iOS and Android experience in just 10 weeks.


Working on a tight timeline, the team focused on designing an app with emphasis on performance, security and an engaging user experience.

Keeping the user experience in mind the team followed mobile design best practices and utilized React Native & Paper UI to create a seamless experience across iOS or Android.

In addition to front end experience the team built a HIPAA compliant backend architecture and booking system. This included providing access to the available Sesh sessions via Firebase API and integrates with the Stripe payment service for monthly subscriptions.

“We ran remote design sprints where we could test multiple concepts and uncover the best way for users to discover sessions that would be most relevant to them. This method allowed us to quickly identify patterns driving the key action we wanted users to take—explore the diversity of sessions available.”

Mandy Valladares
Senior Product Designer , Carbon Five


Over the course of 10 weeks, Sesh co-founders, Vittoria Bergeron and Alyssa Musket, worked with Carbon Five’s team of designers and software engineers to create an accessible, affordable, high-quality mobile mental healthcare solution.

The team created a vibrant extension of the existing brand work emphasizing empowerment and individuality. The bold colors and imagery helps Sesh stand out in the growing landscape of mental health solutions. 

In addition, Carbon Five and Sesh won three awards for their work together in 2021. The team was recognized by the Webby Awards for excellence in the Apps and Software - Health and Fitness category. They were also recognized in the 27th annual Communicator Awards for excellence in “Mobile Apps – Health and Fitness” and “Best User Interface” categories.

Curious? Download Sesh via AppStore or GooglePlay.

“Customers have responded positively to the final MVP products, rating them 5-stars in both the App Store and Google Play Store.”

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