Helping provide affordable childcare by enabling teachers to start preschools out of their homes - Mobile app development

Wonderschool partnered with Carbon Five to build a mobile app to better connect its school directors with the parents of enrolled students.

Tech Stack
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Elixir
  • React Native


In order to provide ongoing value to their schools and teachers, Wonderschool wanted to improve the communication and relationship that they had with parents through a feature-rich mobile experience. They hired Carbon Five to help create the app, which would allow parents to see what activities their children did during the day and easily message the teachers and directors.


Carbon Five worked closely with Wonderschool’s distributed product team to build the highest-value features in prioritized fashion with agreed upon milestones and release dates. The team released features and had immediate user feedback to roll into its upcoming iterations.

“Carbon Five is a great team with a strong process.”

Branden McIntrye
Director of Product , Wonderschool


In the end, the team released a feature-rich mobile app to both iOS and Android devices that included features such as an activity timeline with text and photo updates, in-app messaging, and an attendance log of student check-ins and check-outs.

Wonderschool continues to expand to new cities and improve the accessibility of its products, and recently began offering a Spanish version of the mobile app.

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