Sometimes the right tool for the job doesn’t exist.

So you have to build it yourself.

Real-time sticky notes for teams. Collaborate, brainstorm, upvote all in real-time.

Picture this. You have your sticky notes up on the wall, hours of thought have gone into their placement. Everything is organized and color coordinated. You’re excited. You look to your team for feedback and they’re...not there. Your team is remote. What now? Stickies is your new favorite, zero-waste, remote-team friendly solution.

Banking Apps

What It Really Takes to Build a Gold Standard Banking App.

Online banking apps have changed customers’ behaviors—and significantly raised their expectations. We share six important lessons about building online banking apps to gain and retain customers—and set your business up for success now and in the future.

Project Kick-off Templates

Carbon Five Figma templates to help run experience mapping discussions, persona exercises, and more.

Access the same tools we use in project kick-offs to start your product development team off on the right foot. Share product vision, discover hidden challenges, set guardrails, and collaborate more effectively.

User Research Guide

Understand user behaviors, needs, and motivations to successfully find product/market fit.

The Carbon Five Guide to User Research is a step by step how-to on everything you need to do before taking your product to launch. We believe that understanding your customer is the most important step in project success. This is the tool to get you there.

Product Dartboard

Improving how product teams work together. Identify strengths, reveal blind spots, prepare for challenges.

Some projects go so well you want to bottle them. Others, not so much. It got us thinking - can we recreate (actually bottle) the conditions of a successful project? The answer is yes. Meet the Product Dartboard.


Rails app generator for new projects. Spend less time configuring and more time building cool features.

Don’t spend another second configuring your Rails app. Use this generator and skip straight to the fun part. It’s ready when you are - jump in and start building your favorite features right away.


Hit the ground running with your next Phoenix project

More and more people are cooking up Elixir and Phoenix apps — we wanted to help you with that. Razor is your ticket to immediate feature development. Skip the boring stuff, start building.

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