The Carbon Five Way

At Carbon Five, we value high collaboration across the board. Our team of development, design, and product management experts are committed to providing you with the support needed to successfully reach your product milestones and goals. Here's a sneak peek into our process and the journey you'll take with us as a Carbon Five client.

Let’s get started

When you first get in touch, we’ll schedule a phone call to talk about your goals, and the person you talk to that first day will be your friend throughout the process. If it feels like a fit, we’ll schedule a deep dive so we can come to a mutual understanding of your goals, the project, a staffing plan, and a roadmap for how to get from where you are to where you want to go.

Kicking off your project

We customize our kickoffs to your project’s needs. Meeting your team, learning a new domain, and sharing our product development expertise is (next to launching) some of the most fun we’ll have together on a project. To make the most of the time, we ask you to prepare a presentation describing your vision, including which customers you want to reach, the problem you are solving for them, the solution you have in mind (to the extent that you know it), and key metrics and dates like key internal presentations, launch targets, or new funding rounds.

Understanding the space

In order to get the most out of your engagement with us, we take the time to deeply understand your business and target audience so that we build just the right product. This means getting real and having tough conversations around priorities. In the end, while you might not get everything on the wishlist, you’ll get the most valuable features to market as soon as possible.

Defining your goals

Now that we have gathered information about your project, we have a clear view of upcoming milestones. We document and externalize these goals and begin generating some of the foundational architecture that we will use to guide product development. In addition, the team creates the acceptance environment and begins building the first features, initiating the cadence of weekly — and even daily — delivery of value to you, your customers, and your stakeholders.

Build, measure, learn

As we build the foundations of your product the team continually defines small increments of work to test for quality, test with users and analyze results. This helps define the next increment of work to complete. Designers and engineers will be pairing to create an exceptional experience for your users. Your input will be crucial every step of the way.

Continuous improvement

Not every deployment, meeting, etc will run perfectly, and don’t let anyone tell you that it will. Because we are all human, we evaluate and reflect over the course of the project to make changes and try again. Throughout our time together we will meet to reflect upon the work we’ve done and the team dynamic. We’ll evaluate ourselves not only on our deployments but on our ability to work effectively together and support the product beyond Carbon Five’s time.

Team transition

Product growth and maintenance is an ongoing reality in an evolving marketplace. As our time with you comes to a close, we help train new and existing team members to carry the process forward. Then we'll keep in close touch. As a Carbon Five client and community member, you'll always have access to our growing library of agile growth resources and will be invited as a guest to all of our industry events, workshops and celebrations. Ready to build something brilliant? Get in touch!