Attune Insurance

Small business insurance redefined

The Attune Insurance Challenge

Attune had built an initial concept platform that had unlocked the initial business objectives but was not architected to evolve towards the next phase of concepts, quick delivery of new features to customers, and the creation of new insurance products.

The Process

Carbon Five came on as the lead development team and kicked off work to refactor the platform from front to back; starting with upgrading the heavy front-end Angular 1 to Angular 2. In parallel, we created new insurance products with associated operational support like billing and accounts. The entire platform was moved over to AWS and a modern CI/CD pipeline. Finally, we developed a orchestration API layer to proxy between various services that were transitioning out.

The Results

Attune has released an improved front end experience for their core product and two new insurance products to complement the offering. Most importantly they have two full stack engineering teams focused on continued deployment of product and support services.

“Carbon Five not only brought engineering and design talent, but leadership to our growing team.”
Azeem Ansar
Head of Product and Engineering, Attune Insurance