A new platform for enterprise applications

The Bebop Challenge

Bebop came to Carbon Five with a new kind of experience in mind for occasional users of their existing candidate tracker app. They wanted our help to build the frontend and to continuously test hypotheses through rapid iterations of user testing cycles—upwards of three times a week. Bebop’s employees were at varied experience levels, and the team was wrestling with how to make the platform work for infrequent users who don’t have access to the desktop platform.

The Process

The team wanted to strike the right balance of fidelity and functionality for this early product development phase, so we opted for a flexible mobile-web application with a React frontend. To customize the experience for different roles, we created a dynamic interface tailored to each type of infrequent user: internal and external stakeholders in the recruitment process. We strategically selected moments in the prototype to evoke a native app without over-investing in the early stages of development. With our guidance, the Bebop team was able to update the app throughout the week with custom datasets for alpha customers already actively using the product.

The Results

For two months, we iteratively developed and refined a version of the applicant tracker product. At the end of our engagement, Bebop (now owned by Google) had a product it could proudly take to market. The app is currently in its final stages of beta testing and should be released soon—to the delight of HR teams everywhere.