A consumer finance service goes mobile

The Challenge

Develop a mobile app that simplifies an existing web flow’s mission is to educate and empower consumers by providing free credit reports and a series of educational tools. The company hired Carbon Five to translate an already successful web experience into a versatile mobile app. While the team didn’t have much experience with mobile technology, they did have a set of existing designs and flows they planned on integrating into the product.

The team also needed Carbon Five’s help with hiring and/or training an engineer to learn iOS so the app could be managed internally going forward.

The Process

Seamlessly integrating mobile technology into an existing system’s team arrived with a fully fleshed out design. This became tricky as certain aspects of the flow needed to be adjusted based on the results of user research and testing. The team also worked hard to create a seamless API to ensure that the infrastructure would be maintainable.’s existing backend didn’t have much iOS manpower, so integrating mobile technology into the existing system seemed a bit daunting. After several brainstorming sessions, the team developed a plan to make the process simpler. By moving most of the logic to’s existing Java protocol, the internal team could leverage their strengths by controlling more of the mobile experience from the server.

The Results

A successful transition

Internal and external success marked the launch of the mobile app. Internally, the team solidified their knowledge of the Agile process and took those lessons back to the main office. One of the engineers also learned enough about iOS to maintain that portion of the app going forward. Externally, the app launched to positive reviews from current and new customers.

“I was impressed by Carbon Five from the first meeting. I liked their demeanor, approach, style and thoughtfulness. The whole package felt like they were the best option for us.”
Jack Macy
former VP Product & Design,