Building better buildings

The VueOps Challenge

Modernizing construction document handoff

DPR Construction builds great things, and a big part of their reputation for success hinges on what happens after construction is complete. Typically, building ‘handoff’ consists of a room full of binders locked away in a closet, never to be seen again. Yet within these documents are the keys to owning and maintaining healthy, long-lived buildings.

The challenge with modernizing systems like these is often both technical and organizational. Some project handoff archives contain thousands of documents, so DPR needed experienced designers and developers that could quickly learn their domain. In addition, with no dedicated operational team to take over the software, DPR needed a long-term partner.

The Process

Strong foundations, rapid construction

Carbon Five and the DPR team began with defining the major user roles for the system. These personas were used to map out the overall service and define the major milestones. User story writing and prioritization capped a typically intense, short kickoff week.

Since security was a high priotiy, the product includes both user and organization authentication and authorization. VueOPS uses Elasticsearch to quickly search assets, which are stored using a vendor-agnostic document repository interface to support private installations.

Carbon Five also created the VueOPS branding and an easy-to-use, flexible user experience. As the product evolved through each release, components that once required manual labor were replaced by well designed, efficient user flows.

The Results

Healthy software for healthy buildings

The VueOPS platform now has more than 20 active customers, each with multiple buildings under management. The document repository now contains more than a half of terabyte of secure, browseable, searchable construction documentation. VueOPS is also contributing to DPR's market leadership: now known as makers of high quality software — in addition to buildings.

“The C5 team focuses on end user value, through a grounded and humble relationship built upon understanding their client’s business.”
Andrew Arnold
Director, DPR Consulting