Fandango Movieclips

A film buff’s best friend

The Fandango Movieclips Challenge

Movieclips needed to move from waterfall to agile development in order to better integrate with their new parent company, Fandango. Along with that, they were due for a revamp of their existing web experience and wanted Android and iOS apps too. Fandango wanted those updates in time for Comic-Con, a colossal media event with a worldwide following.

The Process

We created a series of fresh mobile and web experiences supported by a dynamic CMS, empowering content producers to make updates in quasi real-time across devices the big day and beyond. We designed, built, and deployed iOS and Android applications with API integration in three months, paying special attention to visual assets such as animation in iOS. We knew that in order to win the hearts of internal stakeholders, the apps had to be visually compelling to reflect well on the movie company.

In tandem, our team of product management, design, and development helped establish a more effective team process with weekly feedback loops, resulting in increased communication and collaboration across disciplines. By working directly with the team, we exposed them to tips and tools for increasing the speed, quality, and frequency of new releases.

The Results

Fandango Movieclips unveiled its new apps and processes in time for Comic-Con and launched to four-star reviews.