Movie tickets made easy

The Fandango Challenge

Fandango, the American movie ticketing company, had grown their service offerings beyond web and mobile ticketing services to include additional consumer and enterprise solutions. These new solutions were initially added on top of an existing data pipeline and it quickly became time-consuming and difficult for internal and external users to use data strategically. These issues were exacerbated by technology debt left over from their earlier, startup days.

The Process

Carbon Five worked with Fandango to deliver a data pipeline in an agile and lean fashion. We began by delivering and iterating on the reports that internal users needed and were currently struggling with. We then used those data views to model and build the underlying systems and architecture that comprised the data warehouse and pipeline.

The Results

Carbon Five built a robust system which enabled internal and external users to query or review data aggregated from close to a dozen sources, including Fandango apps as well as third party services.