Critical thinking, creative conversation

The PrimeMind Challenge

The world’s great issues: dissected, demystified, and debated

In this world of clickbait journalism, are we destined to be stuck in an echo chamber of snappy catchphrases and incendiary soundbites? Enter the PrimeMind founders, who share a bright vision for long-form journalism, with content that challenges the status quo and encourages critical thinking and creative conversation.

But how do you create a product that gives readers the time and place to slow down, read and engage in truly constructive discourse?

The Process

Hand-crafted content management

During kickoff, the PrimeMind team realized that front-end interaction design was going to have to be on point. In addition, the product’s visual interface needed to complement the in-depth content, not compete with it. A few key features were prioritized, including a unique tag cloud, social sharing widget, and annotation tool.

On the back-end, the dev team knew a good CMS would be needed under the hood. After looking at the best off-the-shelf CMS options available, and assessing the content and editorial needs for the product, the team agreed a custom CMS solution would be needed. The result is an elegant and extensible content authoring platform.

The Results

Mind the details

When your product is the content, everything else should support it (seemingly) effortlessly, and get the heck out of the way. PrimeMind delivers on that promise, creating the head space to consider often challenging ideas, then opening up the floor for debate.

“From day-one the C5 team integrated with the PrimeMind team as if they were our employees. Everything was done completely collaboratively.”
David Carrico
CEO & Co-Founder, PrimeMind