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The Prosper Challenge

The Prosper team came to us for two reasons: increase conversion for loan borrowers who come to the website on mobile, and build a responsive website.

Their product team had a lot of ideas of how to improve their existing service but no way to rapidly execute them, while their engineering team wanted a unified codebase so they could deploy improvements more rapidly. We were tasked with redesigning the mobile borrower experience as well as cleaning up technical debt so the Prosper team could work more efficiently.

The Process

We started externalizing possibilities as six-up storyboards to manage Prosper’s ideas. We then prioritized the storyboards in order of importance based on metrics we identified in their conversion funnel throughout the project, while talking with real customers to gain qualitative insights.

On the technical side, we began implementing Optimizely to enable more rapid experimentation, then refactored front and backend code based on the new learnings. With positive results on mobile in hand, Prosper can now double-down on the validated learnings and begin experimenting on desktop.

The Results

By the project’s end, we had more than doubled conversion on mobile, surpassing desktop conversion. We designed, built, and deployed a new, well-tested mobile homepage and conversion funnel for borrowers, as well as several landing and informational pages. We also included a living style guide that allowed for iterative visual styles, which was a key deliverable to their incoming design team.

Perhaps our greatest achievement is that, we delivered a process for rapid experimentation, deployment and validation for new ideas, ready for application throughout the product.

“The team was driven, talented, and enormously self-sufficient. Product, design, and development truly ran as one well-oiled machine.”
Audrey An
Former Senior Product Manager, Prosper